‚Äč What Exactly Is a Tow Winch Used For?

What Exactly Is a Tow Winch Used For?

Will a Professional Towing Company Come Equipped with a Tow Winch?

A towing winch is something that a towing company may use to haul vehicles or even objects. It is normally found mounted at the back end of the towing vehicle, however, in other applications, it can be placed in any strong mounting location. Tow trucks and wreckers are usual applications for this kind of device, as the retractable cable will be used to attach to a broken down vehicle and hauled forward either by itself on its own back wheels or on the back of a flatbed. A cable which is wrapped around a drum can be pulled out or in when needed to perform the towing.

towing serviceOne design has a tow winch mounted to the front of a truck bed, a boom arm is connected to the trucks bed itself, and the cable from the tow winch comes from the drum and then over the boom. This permits the towing company driver to place the disabled vehicle on the tow truck, or lift the front end of the vehicle from the floor whilst leaving the back wheels still on the ground. This process is reversible so the back wheels are up, and the front wheels are on the floor. The configuration will normally depend on the damage that has been done to the vehicle in question, and if it is a front or rear wheel drive.

Wreckers are tow trucks that come with a big flat bed which can be lifted up so the back of the bed is tilting down to the ground. A tow winch that is mounted at the front will allow one or two cables to be lowered to the damaged vehicle, these will then be retracted, so ensuring the disabled vehicle is pulled upward and onto the bed. Once the vehicle is secured, the driver will start to lower the front of the bed, thus raising the disabled vehicle off the floor.

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