‚Äč Looking for a Service That Can Transport Any Size Vehicle?

Looking for a Service That Can Transport Any Size Vehicle?

How Many Different Types of Tow Trucks Are There?

Tow trucks are vehicles that are used to pull or transport faulty or broken down vehicles. They are commonly seen transporting vehicles which have failed because of mechanical failures, or which have been involved in an accident. Most are privately owned by businesses that earn their money transporting vehicles from highways, roads, ditches, and other places. Some tow trucks however, are owned by the government, and patrol the likes of toll roads and highways. Some firms own ones which are solely used to tow other vehicles that are owned by the company.

tow trucksThere are three kinds of tow trucks, they include, hook and chain, flat bed and wheel lift. Hook and chain one, also known as sling trucks, are not used as much as they used to be. This is due to the fact they work by fixing a chain round the axle of a vehicle. This method does create scratches and more damage to the vehicle. Normally, this kind of truck is only used on vehicles which have be badly damaged due to an accident, vehicles which no longer have their front or back wheels, or vehicles that have steel bumpers.

Wheel lift ones are slightly similar to hook and chain tow trucks, however, they have a metal yoke instead of a chain. This yoke is attached under the front or back wheels of a vehicle that is to be towed. With the help of an hydraulic hoist, the front or the back part of the vehicle is raised up from the floor whilst it is being towed.

Flatbeds, also known as rollback tow trucks, come with a large empty bed on the back of the vehicle. With the help of hydraulics, the bed is lifted to create a ramp. The vehicle which is looking to be towed, can either drive or be pulled up onto the back of the bed. Once the vehicle is set, the hydraulics will drop down the bed so it is level. Flatbeds are the more preferred method for transporting vehicles, due to the fact there is not pressure or stress placed on the vehicle, instead all of it is placed on the tow truck.

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