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We present to you Tom's Towing!

 Sometimes, a vehicle can break down very unexpectedly Рleaving you in an uncomfortable situation, and with a ruined schedule. Our mission is to provide you with a high quality towing service!

Our reliable towing company can provide you with the emergency service that you need! We opened shop in 2003 with the purpose of helping people and their cars. The services offered by our company are dedicated to providing you with a high quality tow service! In addition to our towing services, we also provide highly efficient roadside assistance.

Our help is invaluable when it comes to:

  • – being stuck in a pot hole or ditch
  • – a part of your vehicle breaking down, stopping your car in its place
  • – involvement in an accident which has rendered your vehicle immovable
  • – and other situations!

Tom's Towing
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Compared to the average towing company, Tom's Towing knows how to perform an outstanding tow service on a short schedule. Our refined work methods allow us to address any issue with incredible attention to detail, and care. When performing such a complicated service, one must have the professional knowledge and experience needed to take all necessary factors into consideration – even when performing junk cars towing. This is done not only from an esthetic point of view, but as a consideration toward nature itself!

Scrapped cars are quite the ecological issue these days – people simply don’t have enough time to deal with them, not realizing what harm it does to the earth! Their decaying parts, often release chemicals that are harmful to nature. This is why Tom's Towing provides the leading junk cars towing service in the area! We will get rid of any decaying scrap, releasing you from the displeasing task of looking at a husk of iron all day! The number listed below can provide you with more information!

by Aaron Gill on Tom's Towing
Great Job

Excellent towing service. Your mechanic was very professional, upfront, and extremely friendly. I will definitely call you again if an emergency occurs.

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Get in touch with us now at (310) 464-2180

Our highly trained specialists and professionals, have the ability to perform an impeccable tow service. We have the knowledge, experience and ability to deliver the assistance that you and your car need. No more waiting for slow towing services – our company is on constant stand by to receive your call! Only we can deliver the tow service you need!

We advise people against performing towing by themselves – the reason for this is not only safety, but the condition of the car itself. Sometimes, if done incorrectly, shock can damage internal car components. If this was the case, fixing the car will prove to be much more costly. How could you have avoided such an expensive situation? If only you had called the highly trained specialists of our company. Have no fear, if you find yourself in need of high quality towing services, we will always be there for you!

At our company, we understand the need for quality towing, this is why all of our services come at budget-friendly prices. Give us a call and we will provide you with full information on our towing and emergency roadside assistance services! Act now!

(310) 464-2180